The New Kitchen Garden

Mark Diacono - Saltyard Books (31 Mar 2015)

The New Kitchen Garden is a marvel, where with humorous charm, experience and generosity, Diacono wades through horticultural convention, questioning the compulsion for prosaic planting, in order to, as the good man writes; ‘uncurl your fingers from accepted approaches and familiar choices’.

Daffodil: The Remarkable Story of the World’s Most Popular Spring Flower

Noel Kingsbury (30 Jan 2014)

Noel Kingsbury’s latest oeuvre; ‘Daffodil: The remarkable story of the world’s most popular spring flower‘, is exactly as it says on the tin; remarkable. A devout daffodil fanatic you need n’t be, but if like yours truly, you’re a flower show marquee-trawler with an interest in plants and admiration for their breeders, this is the book for you.

Extraordinary Gardens of the World

(06 Dec 2013)

The detailed and photographic account of Monty’s mighty journey visiting gardens all over the world, for the BBC series; ‘Around the world in 80 gardens’. Generous on images, and beautifully photographed, the book includes some of my favourites, such as Jacques Wirtz’s garden. A lovely book, that even comes with a carpet for a cover….


The Wirtz Gardens

(05 Dec 2013)

Remarkable series of books, highlighting the works of Wirtz International, led by Jacques Wirtz, along with his two sons Martin and Peter. Incredible gardens, all very different, yet uniquely ‘Wirtz’. An investment, but an inspirational treat. Not always available on amazon, if so, they can be purchased direct from Wirtz International in Belgium.

The Gardens of England: Treasures of the National Gardens Scheme

George Plumptre (18 Aug 2013)

An eloquent account of the evolution of what was predominantly gentry restricted past time of garden visiting, the gardens, and the development of the NGS. The book spans eight decades, divided into five different era’s starting from that initial glint in Wagg’s eye, to garden visiting as we know it in the new millennium. The chapters are cunningly composed by the high caliber team of; Elspeth Napier, Catherine Horwood, Vanessa Berridge, Leslie Gedded-Brown and Christopher Woodward.

Veg Street

Naomi Schillinger - Short Books Ltd (13 Mar 2013)

Delightful book written by our very own (Out of My Shed) blogger, Naomi Schillinger. Wonderful account of group of neighbours inspired by Schillinger to starting a community gardening scheme and transform their front gardens and window boxes into productive growing spaces. Includes month by month, practical advice. Joy to read, and hopefully transform London’s car parked front gardens!

Derek Jarman’s Garden

Derek Jarman, Howard Sooley - Thames & Hudson (03 Jan 2013)

Extraordinary story of the making of a garden at Prospect Cottage, situated in the most unlikely of places; on a beach, facing a nuclear power station in Dungeness in Kent. Wonderful photographs by Howard Sooley. Delightful, personal account of a man who clearly loved his garden and had real passion for local plants, wildflowers and gardening.

Art of the Garden

Martin Postle, Stephen Daniels, Nicolas Alfrey - Tate Publishing (03 Jan 2013)

Wonderful book featuring the garden in British Art from 1800 to present day. Fascinating collection of works spanning three centuries by the likes of (a.o.) Turner, Constable, Freud, to exciting contemporary artists such as Patrick Heron.

Jekka’s Complete Herb Book

Jekka McVicar - Kyle Cathie (20 Oct 2012)

An invaluable resource on herbs for any gardener, or cook for that matter. Comprehensive advice on growing, propagating, caring for and cooking with, an extraordinary range of herbs, including not just old favourites, but also lesser known varieties. Absolutely love this book, and our garden is much the (herb) better for it. Now for the kitchen….

Who Does Your Garden Grow

Alex Pankhurst - Earl's Eye Publishing (03 Oct 2012)

Delightful stalwart for the bookshelf about the stories of the people behind the plants, such (a.o.) Miss Willmott’s Ghost, (Dianthus) Mrs Sinkins and (Lupins) George Russell. Lovely, well written book.