Wreath II: The Sequel

With the onslaught of mince pies, winter sniffles, and the brusque end to I-am-a-celebrity-please-keep-them-there, Christmas is once again on our doorstep. Bring on all that camp and festive kitsch….

With the unforeseen popularity of last year’s Christmas Wreath post, and recent failure to win the @CliftonLondon’s twitter (@landscapeman’s lovingly crafted) wreath competition, I am left with little choice but to make my own again. As per usual, my wreaths are characteristically Dutch in their economy, made from nothing but yesterday’s newspaper, wire and one’s very own garden foliage. For the exact process, one is best referred to last year’s post.

In terms of decoration, this year the wreaths include the lovely seed heads of some of my favourite perennials such as Allium schubertii, Allium holandicum, Lychnis coronaria alba, Verbena bonairiensis, Sedum ‘Herbstfraude’, Achillea millefolium ‘Lilac Beauty’, Agastache, Kiftsgate and hedgerow rose hips.

Holly, Rose Hips, Bay, Verbena, Sedum, Lychnis, ...
The close up
Allium, Sedum, Verbena, Agastache, rose hips, Lychnis....
Up close and personal
It's not just the doors that are decorated.....

Using seed heads is somewhat tricky due to their delicate and brittle nature, and the result, though pleasing, may need some level of (light) protection from the weather, especially wind and rain.

It remains to be seen if they last as long as the usual holly and bay dominated wreaths, but for the time being, they look the part.

The Artist in the Garden: George Irvine Garden Retail Industry: Cybernation or Hibernation?

any comments?

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  1. Stunning petra! How to do a wreath. What a clever girl you are! RT @Petra_HM: @HillierBath Here you go… http://t.co/NE4N3hhf

  2. I love it!! Do you mind if I share it on Facebook?

    • Thank you! Very kind. By all means – Share buttons on the article, and also I’m on Facebook too if that helps at all.

  3. RT @Petra_HM: Just in case you’re feeling home made and christmassy…… http://t.co/yHcbkULQ

  4. RT @Petra_HM: Just in case you’re feeling home made and christmassy…… http://t.co/yHcbkULQ

  5. RT @Petra_HM: Just in case you’re feeling home made and christmassy…… http://t.co/yHcbkULQ

  6. They look lovely.

    • Thank you! Very kind!

  7. They are NOT kitsch, they are beautiful.

    • That made me laugh. Thank you! I omitted the usual Christmas paraphernalia this year, opting for just the seed heads. Think it works, and will try to save more next year.

  8. @ILoveLincs Thank you! Explained it all here… Easy to make! http://t.co/yHcbkULQ

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