Late September Garden: Wordless Wednesday

Monarda, Verbena Bonariensis and Agastache
Greenhouse borders
September Kitchen Garden
Ageratina altissima chocolate
Ageratina altissima chocolate
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any comments?

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  1. I was amazed when found these garden flowers pictures. Could you please tell me what king of flower is in the picture number 2 violet color. It looks like a wild flower to me, but hope they are not because i think in my garden they would look really nice. I have special place. So please let me know what are they. Thank you

    • Not a problem. That is the Echinops also known as Globe Thistle. Happy planting!

  2. Blimey Petra,Have kitchen garden envy! All looks so lush and healthy and delicious. Naomi

  3. Amazing borders Petra. Obviously a lot of hard work but clearly worth it. It must be a wonderful site en masse?

  4. Hello,
    Beautiful pictures: love the echinops (have just ordered seed for next year) and the red kale makes a stunning backdrop for those allium heads. Very harmonious colour scheme.

  5. Beautiful photographs :)

  6. How gorgeous!!!!!! very very envious!! Having garden completely remodelled on 17th Oct and then will hopefully also be able to enjoy such lovely sights!!

  7. Everything is looking wonderful!!

    I love your Echinops cloud in the Greenhouse boarder. And is that kale behind the alliums? Amazing colors.

    • Thank you Ruth and Julie. Very kind! Ruth, am sure your garden will be lovely. It is rather exciting to be able to start from scratch. All new and full of potential!

      Julie, yes that is Red Bore kale, Cavolo Nero and dwarf kale. They all grew into rather enormous specimens, but love them. The alliums are Elephant garlic, which has to be one of my favourites to grow. The flower is stunning and at this time of the year they add much interest.