Awaiting late flowerers. Impatiently. Kitchen with a view....

any comments?

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  1. @mrs.colliflower Can never have too many!!!

  2. Too many zangy sorbets have gone to her head @celestriaas xx

  3. @celestriaas vy zzank you…. :)))

  4. You really are getting a good handle on the English language

  5. @mrs.colliflower Naaaaahhhhhhhh!

  6. @butterwakefield You are too kind!

  7. @victorialirvine No. It’s called Tanna. A shorty.

  8. @hortusvarius No. Tanna. Only just taller than the sedums!

  9. Love this

  10. SO GOOD!! ️

  11. Yes, is it red thunder @petra__hm ?? Looks bigger?

  12. Love this ️

  13. Is it Red Thunder

  14. Absoloutly LOVE your garden !

  15. Too good