Lillies on the allotment. Ready for cutting but can't as we're opening this Saturday 24/06 for the ! They're a lovely set of plots, in beautiful village. Worth a look!! Satin Lane Allotments, Deddington.

any comments?

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  1. I’m sure it’s fluff that makes the world go round

  2. Stunning photo!

  3. This is stunning

  4. I agree with @mrs.colliflower !!

  5. Lovely rhythm!

  6. @seewhygarden Deserving of a visit from his royal horti-editorness at some stage???

  7. Your garden is divine!

  8. Beautiful border Petra….

  9. Beautiful blues!

  10. Very beautiful, so my kind of garden!

  11. Stunning combinations

  12. @mrs.colliflower You are too kind. Can’t wait to see your garden!!

  13. @potsofstyle Stipa tenuissima. Sometimes syn. Stipa tenuifolia.

  14. @thetrufflehuntress Yes. One of my favs which happily seeds around the garden too!

  15. Beeeautifullllll

  16. That’s gorgeous! Would you kindly share the name of that stipa?

  17. Is that stipa?

  18. Lovely!