Love these two... & Love a bit of fluff.....

any comments?

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  1. Indeed and by golly those nuggets of wisdom are soooo pearly….!!

  2. @petra__hm Not sure, will come if I can. Will you be sitting in a shed dispensing pearls of allotment wisdom?

  3. @harrietrycroft Oh I say! Sounds lovely! Will I see you on Saturday??

  4. @petra__hm @commonfarmflowers have you heard there’s a new Singer Sargent watercolour exhibition at Dulwich PG? Sounds like a must-see.

  5. @commonfarmflowers I’ll take that! Glad you think it worthy of Singer Sargent!

  6. All you need is a pair of little girls with lanterns

  7. @celestriaas Blimey! One hell of a way to avoid having to weed the garden… ! Would love that. Call me when it suits! Px

  8. @petra__hm and Moscow next week….but I would love to come for an inspection on another day

  9. @celestriaas Was hoping you’d turn up! And one will have baked! Shame! In Canada? He was in Birmingham last week! Poor blighter….

  10. Good plug! Would be there if we could J in Canada & I’m working

  11. Good luck for Saturday @petra__hm hopefully by the time we open it might have cooled down….a lot!!

  12. Glorious sight!