Good progress on loo roll germination

Just as quick follow up to related post entitled ‘The ubiquitous Root Trainer versus loo roll germination saga’, good progress reported on the broad beans sown in loo rolls.

Germination time, is similar to that of those sown two weeks prior in the Root Trainers. Since the photo was taken, nearly all seeds have germinated in their respective loo roll cells. Pleased to report, that to date, there is no sign of scary terrorising mushroom growth as some reported.

Compared to their proud Root Trained broad bean cousins, they do however have some way to go…..

White Chives
White Chives

Aristocratic Magnolia Campbellii 'Alba' Ha-Ha: Not to be confused with laughter

any comments?

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  1. Oh no! The scary terrorising mushroom growth. I know it well. Though to be fair it never seemed to be much of a problem to the plants growing in the loo roll tube.Nice healthy looking seedlings.Dave