Daffodil Detection

Identification Narcissus Cultivars

For years, we have simply enjoyed the yellow sea of Daffodils in the garden without knowing their true identities. Originally planted in the 1930’s, as part of major structural changes to both the house and garden (believed) by Clough William-Ellis, the daffodils are an important element of the garden. Since the purchase of the house in 1960’s, a minor few cultivars were added, but the daffodils have largely, been left to their own devices. Hence, and long overdue, I thought we ought to find out which cultivars make up that delightful yellow splendor.

Classification of the genus is by the set divisions; Trumpet, Large-cupped, Small-cupped, Double, Triandrus, Cyclamincus, Jonquil, Tazetta, Poeticus, Bulbocodium and Split-cupped (Collar or Papillon). However, despite being able to narrow down the search to specific classifications, identification is still taxing, as there is just such a vast number of cultivars, many of which look almost identical. That is probably purely down to personal oversight or perhaps, its time for a trip to Specsavers.

Through our feeble detective work, we identified a few, though probably all wrongly. Detective work is ongoing, with books and experts being consulted. Mystery cultivars are temporarily numbered, just in case you recognise any in the meantime. As the season progresses, new finds will be added. Similarly, any (confident) identifications when so found.

The Daffodil Dip
Narcissus Telamonius Plenus
Narcissus Early Bride (?)
Narcissus Argent
To be identified (1)
Narcissus Magnet (?)
To be identified (2)
To be identified (3)
Narcissus Hispanicus Maximus (?)
Narcissus Lucifer
Narcissus Bath's Flame
Narcissus Bath's Flame (?)
Narcissus White Lady (?)
Narcissus Pseudonarcissus Princeps
Narcissus Fortissimo (?)
Narcissus Stella
Narcissus Brunswick
To be identified (4)
Narcissus Red Devon (?)
Narcissus Stella
Narcissus Pseudonarcissus Princeps
To be identified (5)
Narcissus C.J. Backhouse (?)
To be identified (6)
Narcissus Red Devon (?)
Narcissus Emperor (?)
Daffodil Detective on the Job
N. Pseudonarcissus